“No Minimum Wage Hassle….I’m empowered!”–Ismaeel

I am Ismaeel Adedeji Raji, a student of American University for Humanities, Tbilisi campus Georgia. I joined DGV fashion academy in 2011, before then, I was a reputable banker. When I lost my job as a banker, it was life from a different point of view….hmmmm. ….. Then I heard of DGV Fashion Academy……..and theContinue reading ““No Minimum Wage Hassle….I’m empowered!”–Ismaeel”

My fashion school, my pride! DGV fashion and crafts Academy

My name is Babayemi Adefunke, a graduate of  Bowen University, Osun state and  a student of DGV fashion academy. Now talking of Dgv, the academy gives you the opportunity of becoming a standard designer in a reasonable period of time and under  a very condusive environment. There’s an excellent relationship between the students and theirContinue reading “My fashion school, my pride! DGV fashion and crafts Academy”