Training / Raising Leaders?

I am Aderonke.


And my job is Training and Raising Fashion stylists at DGV Fashion Academy. The best place I can point to around here in South West Oyo State, Nigeria. – if you truly wanna learn.
   My job entails meeting and talking to young and the young at heart on different areas……… oh, you say I’m supposed to be a fashion lecturer……..hmmmmm…..I thought so too…..but when I look deeply into it….it takes more than teaching them how to cut and sew patterns or fabrics.


The past 2 weeks has been interesting, getting to talk about Styling for individual Shapes and Sizes. I have seen that what a Fashion Stylist needs is more than sewing and cutting.  Understanding your body and that of your client is the first step to standing out in this field.


  You must be able to convince me when I meet you that you can offer me what the next designer can’t. And it starts with you. Remember what you don’t have, you can’t give.


You are the first bill board of your field. You say more than your biz card, logo, signposts etc could say. If you are able to capture that attention from a prospective client on a first Meeting;  I can congratulate you. But what after? ……………


There comes the part of consistency, dedication, hard work, discipline and loads more. If all I do is raise and train them how to sew, how will they be outstanding.
   Its not always easy and rosy but when I am determined, I don’t go back and that’s the spirit we are trying to impart into them all, and you too regardless of your field.


Understand that fashion is not only about the outward show. The best style your client can wear is their beautiful glowing radiant smile. And the job starts from you, to them, then to the world. Once you can make them radiate that joy and satisfaction, you bet, no going back, rather its plus all the way.





feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.

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