DRESS 4 LESS–DGV FASHION ACADEMY is Giving back This Christmas.

Give Give Give. ……the only way to get blessed. Most times this season, every one of us looks forward to receiving at least one gift. But wait a minute, what if everyone decides not to give anyone anything. ……Disaster! Disappointment from young and old. …..Power of Christmas Gifts, isn’t that why the unreal Santa isContinue reading “DRESS 4 LESS–DGV FASHION ACADEMY is Giving back This Christmas.”

DGV – The Beauty of it all……

When we all look around, sometimes even in the face of nothing, or when nothing seems to be making sense. Hazy Confusion. … uncertain next minutes. …..unsure coming moments……. Just something, one little something keeps all of us going…… knowing someone cares. Love makes it all make sense; and keeps it all going smooth. ForgettingContinue reading “DGV – The Beauty of it all……”

DGV- what have we been up to.

2013 , started just like yesterday. …. I can recall so many resolutions flying in the air. Some people kicked off well , some picked up in the middle, some, later on in the year.  The most important, they kicked off.  Leaving them miles ahead of those who had done nothing but postponed and procrastinatedContinue reading “DGV- what have we been up to.”