He Challenged His Physical Challenge— The Success Story of Olasunkanmi Fagbemi @ DGV FASHION ACADEMY.

I remember the first day I met him at a speaking conference organised by the State for physically challenged people


It was an unusual gathering, and I was encouraged by the enthusiasm of these people, despite what Life dished them, they saw Hope in their future and themselves. It made me think “so how many so called ‘Able’ people would really go all the way to get themselves equipped with skills and training that would better their lives? They would rather sit and wait for some miracle…..”
At the meeting, I met the blind, deaf, dumb, those on wheelchairs etc. Some already equipped with a skill, and some trying to find their passion.
I remember a blind man in front seat that day, making slippers and weaving bags right there in the hall, one blind lady that was into wire-works- beautifully made……
   After my lecture, during the Q & A session, one man on a wheelchair at the back of the hall asked if he could learn tailoring, that was his first time of coming into the midst of the physically challenged after the unfortunate accident that cost him his 2 legs. I answered him ‘Yes’, (in my mind I wasn’t thinking he would ever come to me)
He got my flyer and called me later, telling me how the lecture had blessed and encouraged him and others there. The following week, he was in my office for enquiries. ….. deep inside, I kept asking how do I say No, I was the one encouraging them to keep doing something……
That same week he started his training, November 2013.  
He challenged me too.  We got him started and amazingly, his learning speed was too amazing! About the 2nd week he came he made his first top.


Everyone couldn’t believe it. How fast he learnt. His joy was indescribable, according to him, he’s not only learning, but he’s getting his life Back…..
We always use him as a reference point to other students,  “if Mr Sunkanmi could do it, then what are you waiting for”, “he challenged his disability, so you have to challenge your ability”


Uncle Muyiwa Ademola couldn’t help it the day he met him in class, he was sooo encouraged and went on and on talking to me and even encouraged me more…….


  Today,  My   Sunkanmi is not just a student, but a reference point in DGV FASHION ACADEMY.
  If he can do it, why cant you?, with all you have?, you can run around conveniently, yet what are you making of it? He refused to confine himself to the box life dished him, his determination to excel in the face of disability and inability has proved that, if you really want to, you will!




If you’re still waiting for the Golden Chance, or the Big Break before you make that move, here’s Mr Sunkanmi proving to you that Yes You Can Right Now!


The opportunity is waiting for you just as you are waiting for it, maybe a move is all you need to make and the lines will fall in pleasant places.
   This man is a blessing to me, cos he made me see even my own ability in another light. I didn’t think I will have to train someone like him, doing it tells me I can do more and more. ….
Don’t sit down with all the gifts bottled up in you. They won’t find expression until you Push.
The world is waiting for you!
Mr Sunkanmi did. ……Yes You Can too.


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feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.

2 thoughts on “He Challenged His Physical Challenge— The Success Story of Olasunkanmi Fagbemi @ DGV FASHION ACADEMY.

  1. i want love to be an intertionally fashion designer…am nt really sure where am suppose to start from …v done a lot of research on different fashion schools … i would love to be a student of dgv since its in ib and the best fashion school in ib(i school in ib).i have learnt the basics(locally),i should get the certificate by july…i need info’s on how much am going to pay,duration etc

    1. Good to read from you. And I can tell you, choosing DGV FASHION ACADEMY will be one good choice you won’t ever regret. Our courses and fees vary. It will depend on what you’re opting for. I will ask you to please come over to the office for full details. Then you can decide the category you want to fall to.
      Looking forward to seeing you. Thanks.

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