DGV Fashion Academy holds another Grand Graduation ceremony in Ibadan.

The leading fashion school in the city of Ibadan, holds another grand graduation ceremony come May 29 2014.
Last year, August 15,2013 was a great one that people are still talking about. We had our graduation/ showcasing/anniversary, of course it was beyond words. 
This one is a Hit about to offload. As many celebrities, artistes, personalities are already backing us up to make it Grand.



The theme ‘Skilled! Empowered! Proudly Nigerian! ‘ aims at making others see what some people have been doing in the face of high unemployment rate in the country, to make themselves and their society better. Come and see as students who have spent as little as 4 weeks in the institution can do.


As Nigeria marks Democacy day, we join to encourage youths and youths at heart that making this nation work is partly in our hands, and Yes we can do it! We are the future!


Let’s do it together.
Special Introduction of a very special student , who made a great ability out of his physical challenges and is today an amazingly great designer. The very first on our Scholarship/Empowerment Scheme. You need to be here that day to see.
This year’s event will be featuring many great Stars like Fabulous Pizzy, Tuwyze, K.Shab, Seun Natural, Muyiwa Ademola, CY, King Solomon, Keanzo, Bukunmi, Xpandable dancers, Cymbals, Babatunmise, Peteru, Shete, Baddest Hyperman Wellz and lots more.  On the wheels of steel will be incredible DJ Jiggamaster, DJ G.Boi, DJ Tizzy. Anchoring the event—- The Delectable Radio Queen of Star 91.5FM and Bayo Highflyer.
This event is proudly supported by:- Queens entertainment, Highflyers entertainment, Clicksmedia, Topside Lounge, Debra Spa, Hair Benders, Dandanni Makeovers, NPG Gardens, Think It Photography, Prodigy TV, Africana Strada, Fresh Magazine and Optimum Rezolutions, Yinka Ayefele foundation, Moreklue Magazine, Macrobake Cakes, Club BO18, 4000 degrees entertainment, Chrisbol Couture & Beads, Jholar Makeovers, Daphella entertainment………
The venue of the event is D’Rovans Hotel , Walan Hall 1.
Red carpet kicks off 10am prompt.
Event starts 11am.

For Inquiries call 08081067070
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feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.

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