You Want To Be Your Own Boss?

Everybody wants to be on top. Thats so sure. …. We all like that feeling. …… hmmmmm….. who doesn’t want to be the ‘Leader of The Pack’? But how many of us are working and walking towards it?…… The fact that we like something doesn’t mean it will come to us on a platter ofContinue reading “You Want To Be Your Own Boss?”

How far have you come?

Its almost the end of July again, hope you’ve achieved something? Something tangible? I mean. … Tick tock…..tick tock….the clock ticks.. waiting for no chance, wasting no space. If you don’t get up and act, what you’re still procrastinating over may be someone else’s vision and mission accomplished tomorrow right in your eyes, on thatContinue reading “How far have you come?”