Ignite Your Passion

Where the heart lies. ….. In my years of experience as the Principal Instructor of DGV Fashion Academy, I’ve realised the easiest people to teach are those whose passion lies in the job. Many people come to learn, but many lose the zeal in a short while. Some after experiencing certain difficulties on the job,Continue reading “Ignite Your Passion”

You Desire to Lead…. read this….

Sometimes, everything you’ll ever do will start with Fear…. ever been in that shoe?….. Now, in making Your dream a reality, the very first step is to Know Your Gift. We’re all talented, actually, Noone is born empty though only few dig in to discover and very few dig deeper to discover all. I believeContinue reading “You Desire to Lead…. read this….”

Time To Speak….time to be mute…

Ok…. I just feel like writing, but no idea of what exactly to write, but as I type it will definitely flow I know…….or I hope….. Okay, here comes my daughter,  very inquisitive, likes pulling everyone’s reins and well most times, deliberately.  God knows why; maybe for attention or to make a point only knownContinue reading “Time To Speak….time to be mute…”