You Desire to Lead…. read this….

Sometimes, everything you’ll ever do will start with Fear…. ever been in that shoe?…..
Now, in making Your dream a reality, the very first step is to Know Your Gift. We’re all talented, actually, Noone is born empty though only few dig in to discover and very few dig deeper to discover all. I believe everyone is Multi-Talented. There’s a calling that suits every personality, there’s a calling that suits You. Until you discover, you may just be failing around and everywhere..


Another step after knowing where your gift lies, is to be very clear about your vision. Know where you are going and how you can possibly get there. Even when your clues aren’t possibly the best, have options. When you have a Focus your gaze is fixed on, you’re likely to be shaken by some distractions. Face front and avoid looking at the next guy on the race, you just may trip while doing that. The sky is big enough for every bird to fly, why should you be bothered by a competitor, both of you aren’t sent to the same audience remember.


Lastly Surround yourself with other dreamers.
Someone said “If seven of your friends smoke, you’re going to be number  eight if you stay with that circle of friends. 

You have  to surround yourself with like-minded people

And stop telling your big dreams to small-minded people.

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feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.

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