Adding Value To My Business. …..

Every business owner wants to expand and increase. Of course, that’s the main target of being in business or a career.


But one bitter truth is, you won’t grow large if that is all all you care about. for that great and lasting success, do not only focus on expansion and enlargement,  focus on assimilating all that you have first. In that way, your focus can be on the right areas.
Campaigns, Advertisements, Promos etc, may bring people to you; But they will not come back unless you Deliver.
     To maintain that consistent growth, you must offer them something they cannot get anywhere else. No matter what it is or how small, look for that little plus and garnish your business with it.


If you are professing positivity, if your clients are excited about your services, and they just want to tell everybody about you without embarrassment, then having more people or more clients around you will be the least of your problems. People flock to that kind of service or business.


Seek to be outstanding even if its in a small way, the effect will reach farther than you think.


Take few minutes out today to sit and plan. Ways to improve, things to add and cut out.
Relating this to the fashion world where I major, it’s important you move with time and trend. Don’t offer your clients what is out of vogue. And don’t follow trends blindly, remember not everyone can afford changing their wardrobe with every new trend wave. In the midst of what is trending, let your designs, if not all, some, remain classic. Remember Fashion changes, style is iconic  but Style is always in fashion. The strength of your creativity is in how long it can stand in the fashion scene.


Dgv …….

DGV FASHION ACADEMY is the leading fashion school in Oyo State,
we offer both theories and practical classes. Ensuring our students are not only good in sewing and designs only, but raising them to be Entrepreneurs the world will recognise.
We’re inside D’Rovans hotel premises(Now WALAN HOTEL)
OYO STATE. Nigeria
Find us on Facebook – Dgvstyles
ff on twitter/Instagram @Dgvstyles
Like our Facebook pages —DGV Fashion Academy and DGV Styles







feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.

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