Your Career Toolbox- What’s Inside?

Professional Pilots will always tell you,  no matter how long they have been flying, they are required twice a year to spend a week retraining. Should we be less concerned about keeping our skills up to date? No matter how acquainted you are with your vision,  strategy and structure;  we all need to have thatContinue reading “Your Career Toolbox- What’s Inside?”

Sharpening Your Own Ax!

It takes more than dedication to grow your career.  ‘SKILL’ is crucial. ☝ Now, acquiring a skill doesn’t mean you are skilled on that field. Being skilled on that field should become your target.  “If the Ax is dull and its edge unsharpened,  more strength is needed, but skill will bring success ” (Holy Bible).Continue reading “Sharpening Your Own Ax!”

Bricks On The Way…….? Turn Them To Ladders

It’s a good feeling even before putting this down, I feel so good about it and I know you will, by the time you are done reading through; for yourself and maybe someone else as well.☺    I often hear many reasons (excuses) especially when I meet people and they tell me why and whyContinue reading “Bricks On The Way…….? Turn Them To Ladders”

Quality Vs Quantity?…..

I often hear people say it’s all about the quality and not the quantity. Each time I hear this , I often pause and wonder how true those words are. Maybe I’m not the only one in this state….. I just think I should sit and think about this for a while. … When youContinue reading “Quality Vs Quantity?…..”