It’s sure been an amazing year. I must not end this year without sharing with you.  For some, the year kicked off well, for some , it kicked off on shaky grounds;  whichever way it went, here we are all, still standing and having all the Grace and opportunities to have a better 2015.


I am not really a fan of New Year Resolutions, but I belive at the same time in planning ahead, so whether you call it new year resolution or plans , visions, projects or any other grammar, the most important thing is PLAN! Without concrete plans, how do you intend to succeed?  Nothing happens by chance, in fact when opportunities come to someone who isn’t prepared it ends up being wasted without being noticed. You have every reason to sit and decide what you personally want your 2015 to look like, then let Fate and Grace take its place. When your plans are solid and beautiful, and when your mind is set towards it, things tend to work in that same way to favour you because your mindset has a lot to play in you achieving your purpose in life.


    The Ball is in your courts, determine to be proud of yourself in 2015. No one has the power to help you except YOU. !
     Don’t sit waiting for that dream job, while waiting, keep yourself busy, it tells your employer you are simply an asset. If you have the dream job already,  try keeping your free hours to a good use to improve yourself. And remember, Employers can make decisions that may not favour employees, so have a good backup plan. Are you a student or a youth corper, invest in your tomorrow;  in all these,  I still insist one of the best ways you can backup is by acquiring a skill. It pays. .. It’s a great plus to your CV.


I remember when I was in school and i decided to add skill, I left full time classes for part time, to enable me combine. And here i am today, thankful I made that decision. Since I left school, I’ve never applied for one job, instead I’m empowering and helping others find feet and build themselves as business owners too. We all can’t be self employed, but we all should be strong enough to face the future come what may.


When DGV FASHION ACADEMY started,  the plans were laid out and step by step we are going higher. So when you start that dream, increase by the day or you’ll get thrown out of the race.


    Come 2015, we are taking the pace higher. It’s a whole new Scheme and Curriculum. Our courses are now certified by the government, Students will be taking special examinations that will back up not only the skill but also their CV. The advantages?  Our certification now comes in different degrees, grades and stages, giving everyone opportunity to find a place no matter the level of their education. Also, some certification can be added to your CV in getting into the Civil service. For those who intend travelling abroad, these certifications come in extra handy. We are also opening up opportunities for our students to be able to extend their training for those who want to learn more outside Nigeria, by consulting for them and linking them to the best school for the training they desire. All these and more…… what are you still waiting for?


Tell yourself it’s time to take 2015 by the Horns, tell someone to get up and swing into action too. DGV FASHION ACADEMY is the way to go….
Plan , ACT and Step Forward. 
Have a beautiful year ahead and make it a year you will ever be proud of.


Inside D’Rovans hotel
( Walan Hotel ) Ring Road
Ibadan, Oyo State. Nigeria
08081067070. BBM 7FF36477
Find us on Facebook  –
DGVSTYLES & DGV Fashion Academy
Twitter / Instagram @Dgvstyles
Admissions On. ….
full time/ Part time and weekend classes available.



feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.

2 thoughts on “IBADAN’S LEADING FASHION SCHOOL all Repackaged, Bigger & Better- DGV FASHION ACADEMY.

  1. Hello ma/sir compliment of d season to u .pls i jst want to knw if. You have any branch office @ajah lagos or do u do online training.thanks

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