A New Opportunity just For You

What are you doing with what God gave you?
You have all that the greatest of men has. One head, 2 eyes, one mouth, 2 hands. We are all gifted. Some may have talents more than others, but no one was born empty. That someone is more talented does not mean they are going to maximise it. Sometimes they are the ones that overlook and sleep in the luxury of their talent doing nothing to improve it or themselves.


Others ignore what’s in their hands and look at what another person has, there envy or jealousy starts. Note that you cannot be jealous and creative at the same time. Jealousy and envy deprives you of maximising what you have. It makes you competitive,  forgetting you cannot stand comparing yourself and move forward at the same time. It keeps you on a spot.


Your excellence comes from working on what you have rather than weighing it with what someone else has. God gave some 5 talents, to one He gave 2, and to another He gave 1. Who used his ; Who hid his???


What if he didn’t give you anything?  The fact that you have life says more than enough. Life itself is one gift and I equal it to a talent.
Some cry, “I am gifted if only I have the opportunity to show the world what I can do” what other world are you looking for? Your world is right where you are. You have that opportunity if only you could see it and use it well. It stares you in the face everyday. I call it Life. If you are waiting for the crowd before you perform, your crowd may never come. Instead if you start with even yourself only as your crowd, your melodies will attract your crowd.


Opportunities are not always in jackets or suits,  they come in everyday conversation, in the simple things we choose to ignore because we are busy looking for them in the big things or big places.


Sometimes Opportunities come in the form of Opposition. If you don’t see and perceive it well, it will be lost and such are the big chances. Once lost, may never be recovered.
Your access to Greatness or your dream level is always in you. It’s always been there, only that it comes out when we discover it. Or when Opposition pushes it out. 


 God assesses your capacity to handle the opportunity before he releases the opportunity. And when the opportunity comes, you need instinct to see and discern it.


Start with what you have where you are.
I remember starting off in a corner in my brother’s room with just one sewing machine. Maybe if I had waited for more sewing machines or more clients, I could have just abandoned this and be somewhere less fulfilling or not fulfilling at all today.
At that time ,I saw people who had money to invest in their business, they had capital, they had friends and families who were ready to patronise them and pay good cash. But where are some of them today. Face your front, is an instruction I choose to obey right from school. Looking around only confuses you more. Face Forward!
That little is your opportunity to Big.


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feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.

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