Because it’s 2016? Let’s Get It Going……

Amazing how time flies and what seems so far away just happens like that at a finger snap and you wonder how did it happen so fast. Few weeks or days ago, we were all anticipating, and yes here we are. Thankful and hopeful…….  Now wait, don’t start hoping on 2016, this year poses seriousness, it’s like it’s ready for those who are ready for it. 

My religious self went checking out what some religious leaders and heads said about 2016 and yes a very high percentage points to the same thing. It’s going to be great for those who take it serious. Well , putting spirituality aside, greatness happens to those who makes their opportunities meet preparations.  Don’t apportion blames on the economy or government so soon, what exactly are you doing to make it a better year for you in all ways. 

If you made the same moves, you’ll definitely have the same results. Make changes even if small.  

 The Jobs and employment reports are not looking that good, many companies are laying off and will still lay off, salary slashes, insecurities and uncertainties in offices to make them meet with the economic demands and balances. It’s not strange because it happens all the time, it’s only the rate and the number of people affected that seems alarming. I remember when growing up, my mum would say “apart from your certificate, have somethings you can do with your own hands “. That statement has been a blessing to me and many other lives I’ve been able to touch till date. 

Sometimes when you refuse to take a step, you’re not only affecting yourself but equally all the strings of life attached to that decision. No man is a single tree, we all come with branches , leaves, fruits and more, all depending on the life supplied from the roots. Your getting rooted has a ripple effect on many others.  

 If the government can be screaming that people should get involved in small scale businesses etc then what more do you need to hear? 

Whether you are working or not, find time to discover some side passion and develop it as a backup. It’s the best umbrella for rainy days. Let those around you know the importance of having a backup plan before they become your liabilities soon. In this age and time, housewife doesn’t sound so classy, be a stay-home mum with a skill in the apron. Life happens, be well prepared.  

 Before you graduate, look at the job sector and the troubled waters it is brewing lately, borrow yourself some advices and make plans to secure tomorrow. While waiting on the interview, add value to yourself. 

Just think about whatever makes you pop a smile or arouses your interest, your passion lies there and working where your passion lies brings easy learning and better results. Look around and get a place to work it out. Be sure it’s a place that will support your passion. If you are where you don’t like, the passion thins out and the interest and zeal may fizzle out too. Don’t make that mistake.  

 Back to my own passion- sewing, fashion, crafts and souvenirs and more. Nothing fulfills me more than working on these. That’s why the team and I have been helping many others work this dream out. Starting as DGV Fashion Academy. Now to a government certified technical college- IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE.  

We offer many courses, from the serious courses to the leisure courses to make it sound simpler. Semester courses and Crash courses available on more than 50 areas. Name it, once it’s fashion and craft related, we have it. And our time table suits you no matter what your schedule looks like. The purpose is to pass the vision of a backup plan and raise entrepreneurs. With over 17 years experience and graduating over 500 students and counting, we stand tall in the country as one of the best.  

 You don’t have to sew clothes only to make it in the fashion world. The opportunities are many and we Expose it to our students to avail them the privilege of seeing more and having more choices. Where money lies sometimes is easier than many people think. 

From all fashion related courses, to the business sides of it, management aspects , textile courses and more……..

We also offer National  and international qualifying exams to our students and external students. If you desire to study abroad or relocate, this offer is one you can’t afford to miss. Don’t relocate and start running around. Get qualifications to make your living easier. Our affiliations spread across a number of countries. It’s easier than you think. Make a Move!!!  

 IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE resumes for 2016 on Monday 4th of January. 

For Enquiries and more information- Call 08081067070 . 08099012555 (234)

Facebook- IBADANCITY fashion college and DGV fashion academy/ Dgvstyles 

Twitter/ Instagram  @dgvstyles 

BB Channel C004D07A2

Located in the heart of Ring Road Ibadan. Behind IBEDC office (Capital Building) 4. Ajia street, Stadium Estate. 

Follow the tarred road opposite Chicken republic/KFC ring road. The landmarks will guide you. 

Don’t just learn a skill, be certified to stand tall anywhere in the world. 



feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.

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