Dimensional Designing

We often hear these days 3D, 4D, HD, 7D, and so on. Well the D- days have come into fashion designing. It’s not enough to just sew,your creativity needs a lot of standing out on this competitive time

So many designers springing up but the unique ones are very few

So if you can find your Unique aspect and Major on it well, you have more than higher chances of not just excelling but excelling with a difference.  

 Effects – a word often used in the movie and media industry. Because the effect of ‘Effects’ can never be underrated. (Sounds double fun – effect of Effects- okay, let’s make it a topic for another day soon). If you want to catch a viewers attention , certain effects come to play and suddenly, all eyes go to the screen no matter the distraction. Have you found yourself in a room where everyone is happily talking and suddenly a sound comes from TV and all eyes move there. That’s called Effect. It is meant to affect you and if it does, that’s mission accomplished. If it doesn’t , something is somewhere missing. 

Same way when you walk into a room, no matter how , you want 1 or 2 or all heads turn to you. Naturally, they turn , but to keep them fixed on you takes some things. You find yourself looking at someone over and over again? The dressing may not be that special , it could only be the way the outfit sits on the body. wpid-img_20150905_182828.jpg

Every designer’s duty is to assist their client command what they want to show at any given occasion. 

It’s not by adding all sorts of accesories to the outfit. The Beauty of simplicity is still the key. Simplicity when well presented has a powerful way of commanding respect and esteem. Big people are not always loud, it shows all over them. If you have to scream to be recognized, then you more work to do on your status. 

Style your clients in a way they can walk head held high. 

Dimensional designing helps create certain effects on your designs. This effects are enough to make eyes fixed on your outfit without too much noise going on. It’s not a ‘bread butter’ job, but it pays off when well done. It comes in all numbers of ‘Ds’ , 7D, 10D etc. this aspect of fashion designing is the new face of creating that optical illusion and making your designs work well with the clients body. The knowledge of your clients body type also has to do with the dimensions you are creating so you won’t create a wrong overall impression. 

That body is the package and if not well studied, the wrapping goes wrong. 

Your fabric choices as well plays a key role…….. 

It’s not enough to just know how to sew or cut, know your onions and master your art.  


IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE offers regular courses and master classes. Special and short course classes available for those with irregular time schedules. 

4, Ajia street. Behind capital building ring road Ibadan. Follow the tarred road directly opposite KFC/Chicken republic. The landmarks will guide you. 

Visit us today for information on course selections and tuitions. Certificate Courses and Professional Courses affiliated to a UK body also available. 

+234 (0) 8081067070. +234 (0) 8099012555 

Instagram @dgvstyles

Facebook – IBADANCITY fashion college  / DGV Fashion Academy. 



feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.

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