Class Sessions And Projects Review. – IBCFC. 

  Surplice Dress, Halter Bodycon dress  and a cocktail dress (in the middle). All designed by students. Designing a ready to wear label collection. The trend of sewing these days goes far beyond just sewing aso-ebi. You can work on launching your own label or supplying stores. As long your works are marketable, which largelyContinue reading “Class Sessions And Projects Review. – IBCFC. “

I Need To Start My Own Business 

The common line you’ve always heard, ‘I want to float my own business’; ‘I need to start my own business ‘; ‘I’m planning to be on my own’; and so on….. We hear the lines from someone we all know at a point in time. What baffles is, how many people really prepare for theContinue reading “I Need To Start My Own Business “