My Words And My Business

The days once were when communication was seen in another context. Now, technology, advancement and some other factors are changing the way many things used to be. 

Your ability to sell yourself is needed to success in business

You must have the right words to frame what you want to portray. In the fashion business,you will notice that apart from the beautiful pictures, captions have their way of attracting you to some pieces. 

You need to clearly put your words creatively to attract your audience and keep them glued for the first few seconds. 

If the words don’t communicate credibility or give the information needed, your prospective clients may lose interest at first contact. 


Business Name – as easy as it seems. In this part of the world especially in the country we are in (Nigeria), too much spirituality is attached to too many things. You will walk past some stores/shops and offices and the name of the business is enough to make on think this should be a place of  religious worship. Potential customers would have walked past many of these businesses not knowing they have what they are looking for. 

The words you use in explaining what your business offers should explain exactly what you do. Sugar coating is not too good if you want to keep clients coming back. 

  Just say what you know you can do. Add some hints of Packaging.  Credibility is not what you can toy with. If you can’t do it don’t include it. One unhappy client can hinder hundreds from showing up. And bad news spread like wildfire
The place of education pops up here, while self development is also an important factor. Read and research. Don’t pick words you don’t understand. Before you alter words and ‘re-form’ them, consider how widely acceptable it can be. We often see people in fashion business rewriting many fashion terms eg couture, haute couture, etc. it’s a nice concept, but always remember your clients one day may go beyond people in your locality. How do you think they will perceive the ‘reframed words’. Judge that well before reframing them. Pick suitable options. 

    And if you are the type online always or regularly, poor writing may make prospective clients feel the business is just as the writing seems. If you will need a consultant or friend to assist, don’t shy away from it. Use of tenses etc, don’t use big grammar just because you just heard it, be sure it is applicable to your post. The use of dictionary is there on standby. 
It is not a bad idea that you learn new words regularly and add more to your wealth of knowledge. Almost every trade has its words and common terms. Learn Yours. 

The power of high impact writing is a secret to many successes today. Study and learn more always.  

  Have it in mind always. You are the first signpost people see. Your business begins with you. If you don’t represent it, how do you market it.? 



08081067070 (234)   Instagram/Twitter @dgvstyles. Join our BB Channel – C004D07A2. 

We’re on Ring Road Ibadan,Oyo State Nigeria. – 4, Ajia Street. Off Iyalode Crescent, Stadium Estate. (Follow the tarred road directly opposite Chicken Republic/KFC Ring road, the landmarks will guide)

Dont just sew and cut. Learn what it takes to stand out in your field. 

Pic Cuts from the just concluded National Technical Exams at the College.    

  Practical session of exams hand embroidered caftan – men’s garment making exams. 



feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.

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