You Really Want To Work In The Fashion Industry?

The fashion industry is recently considered as one of the fastest growing industry. And it is growing in leaps and bounds by the day. 

You can not just jump into the pool of the fashion business these days without knowing where you want to head to

It is no longer what it used to be in the days of school dropouts being thrown to ‘Tailor- Masters’ to become apprentice and serve them for years. It is gradually becoming a business for the business minded  and those who know what they want and why the are here. 

Although many people work in fields where they wait till the passion grows, or they try to see if their instincts led them to the right field.  

I’ve met many fashion students who think fashion is their way, and somewhere in the middle, they drop it to pursue something more fulfilling to them. There is absolutely no crime in you giving up on what seems not to be working for you. The bad side is holding on to what you know you don’t derive pleasure and satisfaction from. You don’t become fulfilled by helping others achieve their own vision of you. It’s your choice.

  If you think you have a future in Fashion, have you sat down to narrow it down to something or the area of fashion your heart clicks with? 

  Fashion is Vast. Fashion is Wide. Fashion is Life. You do not just keep yourself stuck in a corner of the fashion room and expect to be unique. Explore the possibilities around and find your niche. If you are so interested in the fashion industry, start learning about the industry Now. Reading this is a good way to start too. 
Then take a step further and start your classes. No one knows it all. After being in the industry since 1999, I still think I haven’t known it all. So why would you do a 3/6 months course and think you have arrived? You won’t want to disappear before the real arrival??? Every day is a new chance to learn something new and different.  

  Do not be too proud to learn from anyone. And let no amount be to big to gain a knowledge that can last you a lifetime. If it’s worth it, go for it. You will get the result of every investment you deposit into your tomorrow. So after taking classes in respect of the area of fashion you desire to study; invest a lot in fashion magazines. I seem to have a problem with taking my eyes off fashion magazines. And it is a message I preach to my students always. Even though many don’t see a reason why this ‘expensive ‘ lane should be passed, the reality is, the more you see, the more your eyes open. And if presently you feel that is too heavy on your budget, do Research. Explore the internet. Social media is a huge magazine on its own. Instead of chatting on what isn’t worth the time, go through pages of people in the industry that will encourage your vision. Look though topics that can add to your well of knowledge and acquired skills.  

 And if you want more hands-on experiments, start your sketching lessons and develop that side well. Create a portfolio of photographs of what you can do. You can’t have all the pictures of your works on your portfolio, but you can see related pictures on magazines and cut out to make your own portfolio. This is one of the reasons you should as a fashion student invest in magazines. Your portfolio sells you.  

 Your joy is to see your works on the runway and on people, the background you give yourself while ascending the ladder is what will maintain you when you start exerting your strength to climb the ladder of success in the fashion industry.  

  I have often been asked this question.  How Do I Know If I Am Meant For The Fashion Industry? Is Fashion My Line? 

For you to get the initial feeling you want to study fashion, then something stirred it up in you. It should not be stirred up because you see a friend or another person making money in it. The money definitely comes later, ask every successful entrepreneur. The you should be able to notice your love or passion for good dressing and well put together looks.  

 Something in you could be redesigning your old clothes to what you think fits more. 

Your love for creativity. Do you love making and seeing beautiful things? Do you love sketching ideas for new clothes? Or when you see someone wearing something, what occurs to you is how you can make it more perfect. 

To survive well in the fashion field, your imagination should be on top notch. You need strong imagination to create something new. You will need to learn a lot as you go on the ladder. At certain points , you will decide the style mostly for your clients and yourself , you will have to cut them out, the fit has to be perfect to bring the right thing out. You must have good knowledge of fabrics. You may not know all the names of the fabrics, but they way they feel when you see and touch them compared to the final image in your head should click.  

There is indeed a lot to learn. But what is in you before you start is the first step. 

…….. To be continued. 

IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE is the leading fashion school in Oyo state and one of the best in Nigeria. 

Located at Ring Road. Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria. 

4, Ajia Street. Behind IBEDC office ring road. Follow the tarred road directly opposite Chicken Replublic/KFC ring road Ibadan. The landmarks will lead you. 


Instagram – @dgvstyles

📞 234 (0) 8081067070. 



feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.

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