That common saying, “You will be addressed the way you are dressed ” , yes everyone says it now that it’s almost a rhyme that most people recite without practicing or digging deep into it. Every way you present yourself is very very important. Whether you’re stepping out or just lounging at home. Because many of us only pay attention when we have events, whereas our style speaks even in Pyjamas and has a way of influencing us and those around us. 

  Even if you work from home, you should dress like you are going to work. You can never tell who will walk in on you anyway. 

Many have attachments to colors and a particular style. Once In a while , break the ice. Step out of the regular. You will actually have more people looking at your new choice than they’ve always done. 

The rule is –

before you wear it, does it reflect a stylish you? Will it command respect and admiration? How will you be seen in it? If I meet an important Person  today,am I good to go? Interview yourself before you decide. 


I’m in my house; no big deal; who’s looking at me? etc…… Yes someone is looking at you. Especially if you’re married, a mother, even if you’re single. Many people are looking at you. Dressing comfortably doesn’t mean dressing carelessly. Having a sleeping cap on all day because it’s Saturday doesn’t reflect a pretty you. Just like tying wrappers on the chest, before you say so people still do that? Yes they still do. In our society here, one of the reasons husbands complain is that their wives relaxed on their fashion and style after they married. Maybe that’s the time to even do more. (Yes it doesn’t mean, but it helps). The joy of being a woman is never looking your age. If people can guess your age you need to put in more effort also as a man. Worse still when they think you’re older than you are. Even if you have to go to the gym, go in clothes that make you want to show off while you work out. Avoid clothes that will show the curves you want to hide, they only make you more uncomfortable. And clothes definitely have their impact on your self esteem. 

This is not applicable to women only. Many men also need a finetuning in the way they dress. You want to see your Bae pretty, do you look and smell good too? It matters both ways. Paying attention to your body and looks has effects on your relationship. 

  Don’t wear clothes too big to make you look drabby nor too right to make you look funny.  Stay in between. Ensuring you’re comfortable in it. 
If you are on the plus size and want to look smart. It’s not by wearing clothes too tight. They show more of the bulges you want to hide. The idea is that when you look good, you feel better about doing anything—even if it’s an activity you dread. High style can inspire you to high performance and results that stick. 


There are various types of fabric patterns. Giving every body shape and size a wide variety of options. Prints. Plains. Plaids. Florals. Prints. And many more stylish options. There are many long held beliefs about particular patterns best for certain shapes. With a good knowledge of style one can easily play around it and even make it look better than expected. 

  Some patterns are not strictly meant for tall or short people. The key is Balanced Proportions.  Don’t wear what will overshadow your body shape.  If you are larger or smaller than the average woman, avoid extremes such as teeny prints(prints that appear too babyish) , microflorals ( too many flowers and colors) or, on the opposite end, large checks or patterns in bright colors. Moderation should be applied well here. When in doubt, go for the medium-size prints that make chic style statements without screaming for attention. 

All fabric patterns have a way of playing on your shape if and when properly brought to use. 


When the wardrobe is properly planned, style is already in place. When selecting or shopping, before you go for trends, go for classics. They last longer and can be used over and over in multiple ways. Buy good-quality, well-tailored clothing, mostly in natural fabrics like cashmere, wool, and cotton. 

The  fashion essentials every well-dressed woman should own …….

1. Crisp white shirts. You can never have enough. They are great for work, weekend, or evening for a casual evening look, paired with a dressy skirt, pants, or suits.

2. Great-fitting wool gabardine or thick polished cotton pants with some stretch in them. Get them in navy, khaki, medium gray, tan, or black. Great piece for work, travel, night outs and more. And for the skirts too same applies. Skirts  have a way of giving every lady a feminine look. 
3. And Four styles of shoes…•low-heel sling-backs. Flats for work and comfort. Evening shoes—high heels, mule, or flats. Casual shoes like a moccasins or loafers for traveling or weekends. 

Not pre planning your outfit will be a great mistake. Even if it’s just a little time , spend it to create a look you will love to always see in pictures. Memories you will always love. It comes easy to some people while others have to put in that needed effort to make it work. And it comes highly recommended since your look is the first others see and that’s the first impression. 

If trendy clothes don’t really suit your style , stick with classics , they are timeless. Don’t let your clothes wear you, wear them! 

Think before you shop. Take stock of what you own, what you need, and how to replenish your wardrobe. Do not shop just because it’s a “buy or steal,” or looks good on someone else. Know your body and work with, not against, it.

Whenever you look great, the bounce in your steps increases. You walk head held high. 

Dressing is not a subject to be thrown under rugs, it says more about you than you know and does more for you than you think either as a man or woman. Pay more attention and watch how everything around you feels the impact. 


(Ref- Before You Put That On: 365 Daily Style Tips for Her by Lloyd Boston. )


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