2017 in view…. Am I Ready?

It’s about to be another night of rejoicing and shouts of “happy new year”. If you know well, you will know enough that next year won’t start on January 1st for the goal-getters. It starts now. The fuel gets into the car before the car moves. Except you are going nowhere.  Often we all setContinue reading “2017 in view…. Am I Ready?”

DRESS-FOR-LESS 2016. (Season 4.)

We often get questions about how Dress-For-Less came by, how it works, do we make profit? , why do we sell at such unbelievable prices, is it really possible?… Yes it looks impossible,  and in this present situation of the country, it looks like a “scheme”. But Dress-For-Less is as Real as Real is. WhatContinue reading “DRESS-FOR-LESS 2016. (Season 4.)”