Fashion – economy builder? (Outside the Fashion Box)

Raising entrepreneurs is our watchword and we solidly stand by this. 

The pride of every nation is in youth development, they represent the nation as a whole and they spread the news faster. What is given to them is what they deliver and spread. 

We still look forward to seeing the nation doing more of this. Politicians looking more into the right kind of empowerment. Give them skills that can be reproduced, skills that will last a lifetime, skills that will in return build the economy at large. 

Fashion is a strong force many nations are developing and building on, if our leaders can see into this wide land more, we will be investing rightly into the future of our land. 

As far back as 2013, statistics show that The direct contribution of the UK fashion industry to the UK economy is estimated at £28bn – £26bn.  Afterwards,The UK fashion industry is estimated to support 880,000 jobs (up from 797,000 in 2013). 

Where do we stand on this lane. Are we as a nation still seeing the fashion industry as a side passion?

Ready to wear sales of womenswear were valued at £27bn in 2015. 

If we are looking at options outside oil, we have quite a long list to explore,…… hopefully it gets looked at with the right mindset soon. 

While we anticipate this, we go on equipping and preparing our students for tomorrow. Remember, if and when it happens, only the rightly skilled ones will be able to maximize the opportunities. See beyond the 4 walls of fashion box, expand your horizons and be prepared for more opportunities. It starts with gaining the right skills. 

Ibadancity Fashion College offers different course to suit your passion and interest. 


Clips from our students’ Projects ⤵️

Designed by Temmytee- beginners / intermediate class project 

  ⤴️Designed by Janet Fajobi. – beginners Class  level. 

 ⤴️ designed by Adebajo intermediate class. 

⤴️designed by Prisca Abati – intermediate class

⤴️designed by Damilola – beginners class. 

⤴️designed by Mercy -beginners class project 

⤴️designed by Mrs Dada – beginners/intermediate project 

⤴️designed by Mrs Hinmikaiye – intermediate/ advanced class. 

⤴️ agbada designed by Timilehin advanced class  project. Supported by Queen (right) & Busayo (left) both wearing their designs – beginners class. 
For more details and information on Admissions- visit us at Ibadancity Fashion College. Ring road Ibadan. Behind IBEDC office , capital building ring road. Follow the tarred road directly opposite chicken republic ring road. The landmarks will guide you. 


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feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.

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