How To Make Your Productivity Increase Always 

Either as a business owner, or employee, or employer. Even as a student, or stay-at-home worker, whatever category you fall into. The need for a rise in our productivity and efficiency is a normal pull on our daily routine. 

Most times each day we seek to make more of the next day, and sometimes the next day end up not being as fruitful as we imagined or expected. 

How do we get this sorted till we reach our desired goal. 

First of all, remember, you are not alone in this. Most people are in the same shoes. But if you don’t like anything, seek to change it. Maintaining status quo won’t bring the change you desire. 

The plan you make today, will bring the change you desire tomorrow.


 Sort out all your tasks first. Having clusters here and there to do may get you more confused and helpless. In order of priority, list them and mark one by one. I often list out clothes I want to make in the order of simplicity, sometimes I pick the difficult ones first , and other times the other way round, depending on the type of day it falls into. In prioritizing, don’t be rigid. Allow flexibility.  Always check the list as the day or the week goes, to see how far you have come. You may not meet the target when you start this, give yourself credits for every small accomplishment, it boosts YOU. 


After listing, plan how you intend achieving them. This enables you to know if your listing is okay or not. If you have an hour to work and you list 3 tasks that will take about 2 hours each to complete, you’ve already planned discouragement and failure alongside. Plan and be realistic with yourself. 


Wake up early and pursue your dream. Of course get enough sleep, but not excessively. Starting in time saves you a lot of stress.  You can’t change the number of hours in a day, but you can change how you spend them. 

4. LEFT FOOT FIRST? –  Sometimes starting with the most difficult task may give you a good sense of accomplishment. It could make all other tasks easier to handle. Consider you starting with the easy ones and later, you had to do the difficult ones, it may end up looking like you’re spending forever accomplishing them. Worst can come first to make the end look much better. 


Learning to control your time is like mastering your art. 

Even if our home is your office, for those working from home, this may seem difficult. But it’s a matter of marking your time well and getting it aligned with your plans. While at work, avoid distractions. Avoid unnecessary visits from friends, or gist hours that wastes your time.  They are small, but they creep in and waste the day.  And don’t pile up more than you know you can do. Work with your speed and time yourself. This gives you a good sense of productivity. I gained speed in sewing by learning to time myself. Thus i can foretell the hours each task can take. 


Work flows well when you maintain a positive attitude. Let your mind dwell on positivity all day. Allowing negative thoughts sink in will play down your morale. You need all the vibes you can get to increase your productivity. Many times I surround myself with music that boosts me up on loud play , it allows me feel good about myself and I definitely achieve more. Whatever works for you, discover it and apply it. 

No matter what you do, getting better makes it all better. Don’t be the type that gets satisfied with little achievements. Look up and ahead always. Work it daily. I never want to go to bed without adding a new knowledge. Especially for someone in a career that does more teaching or taking others through certain things. You need a constant refill. So if you critically look at it. Your work involves a little bit of giving something out. Be on constant refill. 



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feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.

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