You Really Want To Stay In The Fashion Biz….

Choosing to study fashion used to be a second opinion back in the days in Nigeria . When some go to high school and colleges, those who couldn’t go due to different reasons opt to acquire different skills.

The rating of those acquiring skills then was not as high as what we are seeing now. Who would have said the times could turn so fast. Even the government is preaching skill acquisition to the graduates and students now.

It’s becoming clearer that the fashion industry is getting more people daily. The self awareness factor, the lack of employment, unstable college calendar etc…. as major contributors.

As much as it is good to consider acquiring skills, how deep have you thought about it before embarking on it. Fashion business is no joke. As fast as it can make you, losing a small step can either make you irrelevant or out of the game.

You have seen the booming fashion designers with their posh cars and rich lifestyles. Before you covet it, pause and look deeper and think. Is what you see the reality of the game. Whatever you see is not what they built in a day. Silent years of labour is lying somewhere in between the memories.

Now, as you would see, the industry is growing fast. And becoming highly competitive. You need to have Ace cards to play your game right.

First thing first, While planning to embark on the fashion lane, while putting things in place. Tell yourself that no opportunity to learn and get better will fly without you grabbing them. Asides from learning, learn more.

Gain all the experiences that can help your vision. Your basic training is your key to a wide range of exciting career opportunities and options.

Fashion has to do with ideas. Open up your minds. Anything could bring inspiration.

When you open your mind to learn and grab from every passing Inspiration, you’re helping yourself grow.

Don’t always copy what you see, let every thing inspire you. Add your own touch and bring out your own masterpiece always.

be ready to work hard. Fashion business is not a child’s play. Even when you have good hands working for you. You have to be in your toes.

Quality Control – The standard you are building for your fashion line must be on the rise. Never falling nor failing. Otherwise, you may lose out. Remember the competition is tight.

Don’t Joke with first impressions.

Anytime you’re meeting or working for a new client is time to never joke with. you are having the opportunity to create a lasting impression, that determines if you gain them and gain more through them, or lose them and lose more.

Sourcing for your Fabrics and other materials.

Go for originality. Go for classics. Give your clients pieces that will last it’s worth. Think about investing in good textiles. It is the fuel of your business. Your business will boom wherever you are located if you are very good at what you do. Packaging and giving it that “it” look is not what sells eventually. It is the quality of what comes out of it. Just as the book cover attracts, the contents keeps you glued.

invest rightly.

How you start and why you start with. Don’t buy what you won’t need. Buy the essentials that can and will serve you. The cash you will use to buy machine you won’t need now can be spent buying other essentials. If you want to buy a heavy duty industrial machine, and your power generator can’t serve the purpose. That might be a right investment based on wrong timing.

Allow the business to grow naturally.

Watch and study. And allow the business grow, so you can know how worthy it is. Don’t spend your profits, re-invest. Don’t borrow to sustain the business. If it’s not growing check and see where the loopholes may be. Did you gain enough before starting off. A half baked bread can’t last. Be sure it’s the business and not you.

Don’t judge your pace by another person’s speed. You are not wearing their shoes.

Give it thoughts and always double check. See if the business is meant for you. Don’t stay struggling. And always seek to improve yourself. Otherwise you may fade out.

All Designs featured are Projects of Students of Ibadancity Fashion College.

Ibadancity Fashion College.

Ring Road. Ibadan. Oyo state


—( follow the tarred road directly opposite chicken republic ring road)




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feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.

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