Steps To Becoming A Fashion Designer.

Fashion designing is getting really competitive these days. A close and critical look at the industry is enough to tell you. Look around you, check your friends list, there is someone involved in the fashion business somehow around you. And you still want to get involved. Well, why not?, the sky is wide enough.

The question that should come to mind is, with the numbers of emerging fashion designers, why do we have people still needing good fashion designers? The answer is easy, how many people in the field are very good enough to meet the needs of the needy clients?

You have the desire and the passion? Yes! But you think it’s looking crowded? No! Look well enough, there are fertile areas untapped.

It actually takes Very Good skills and serious hard work (note the words, it means exactly what it says )

Mathematics is involved – Oh! You need some grasp of simple mathematics. It’s not always mentioned but it is messed. Fashion designers use mathematics to figure sizes, measure fabrics, draft patterns, cut fabrics to actual measurement sizes, calculate darts, balance points etc. ….

Technology- the world is moving fast… and we’re pacing to catch up. How well do you manage the Tech side of the business. Especially now when the world lives online. Technology can not be toyed with. The phones on your hand is more than what it is. It is a marketplace and an office on its own. Sit and analyze how you can get the best of the opportunities in the e-world. It is the link you have to the world outside you. This is a topic for another day,…..

The Need For Artistic and Creative Thinking – your mind must be tuned to new creations. Repetition kills the vibes. You need to be able to come up with new ideas regularly. Thinking creatively is the foundation for innovation. This is the foundation that gives you the raw materials you need in bringing it all together to give you a solid finished product.

Good Drawing Skills – you should know how to sketch. Don’t aim for perfection at the start. Build on it and keep working on it. It is one of the important skills you need. Some clients will ask you to bring the concept you have for them on paper. You don’t have to like fine arts to know how to sketch. Practice Practice Practice.

ability to sketch well also helps you discover the power of your own creativity. It makes starting and finishing your jobs easier. The details you want to see can easily be put to paper and made to the specifications you want to see.

Education – Obviously fashion designing is not as easy as ABC, and you need to know your ABCs well. Learn as much as you can, every knowledge counts. Needed knowledge is not limited to sewing alone, you need a grasp of some other subjects/ topics. Understanding the human body, is one. Know individual body types, this in a long way, helps in knowing how to handle some body shapes and structure.

Business management, marketing, customer relations, styling, photography and more are topics you need to know, even if just a bit.

Knowing your Market- this is another topic that needs more expansion, but let’s touch the surface. The market is wide, vast and almost unending. In this wide world of fashion, how do you know your own market.? You need to look well into the thriving fashion related businesses around you, and look for the areas not so saturated. Look for where their is not much crowd. And start thinking of ways to tap the opportunities.

What is your target? Before starting the business, what are you looking at? There are different areas, ready-to-wear, Couture, children’s wear, menswear, womenswear, interiors, lingeries, etc…..

Good Idea and Good Skill – your sewing skills must be perfectly on point before you decide to start the business. Don’t rush to start, take time and learn all the rudiments. There are many sewing techniques you must know and master. Such as – hand stitch, embroidery, Appliqué application, and more…….

The steps are more, but let’s take a pause today.




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feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.

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