we all know that, One of the constant concerns of business owners is finding customers, and finding new customers constantly. Isn’t that why we are in business? Yet it apperas to be one of the hardest thing to achieve when the business starts.

This problem isn’t just common with new businesses, we are all on this table

You have a good, oh, even great product or service. is that all it takes to succeed? No. There must be people constantly patronizing, they bring the food to the table.

You can apply all the strategies, get active on social media, your facebook page is active, your instagram is popping – and you may even be getting likes; are they coming back to patronize?

Know that, once you start a business, the search for customers will never stop.

how will you find them?

  1. What is Your Plan? they won’t just drop from the skies, you need to set out a plan. and that starts with – What kind of customers are you looking for? define your ideal customer. This will be determined by your products or the service(s) you offer. Who are the people you want to attract to the business? set this all out ,it will be your first guide.
  2. Are you visible? can your customers see you? you can be in lagos and the people who need your products or services are in Abuja. many business owners attach sentiments and emotions to their location, even when they know its not working. Some claim “i’ve been here for long, i can’t just move like that” – What if the market has moved? Are you aware that market moves?
  3. Take advantage of potentials – meet them and interact with them. In simple words – SHoot Your Shot!!! If someone looks like the customer you would want, interact with them on their pages, face to face if you happen to meet them, let them know what you can offer. Do not be scared of making moves – its either you get a Yes or a No and that is part of business.
  4. Advertise – you need to push your business out for the world to see. Adverts vary, which one do you think will work for your business? – the one your audience or target market is more likely to notice quickly. Age range has a thing to do with this – older audience may be on radio, younger ones -on social media – and social media has levels and preferences based on age, social standing etc. Billboards, flyers etc. Just push the business out for the world to see.
  5. Do Promos and Offers that can attract. Take advantage of seasons.

hopefully, you can use any of this or all. Getting customers is not as difficult as it sounds or appears to be, it is all in your hands, stop waiting, make your move today!

One customer is your link to a chain of customers.

click on the video below to hear me speak more on this.

if you have any questions, feel free to drop them



feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.


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