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Welcome here. You are here because you are interested in learning at our prestigious Fashion college, and You are Highly welcome to a place of learning in the simplest and fastest way you can experience.

ibadancity fashion college is the leading fashion college in oyo state nigeria. We have been in existence since 2010, trained over 3000 students home and abroad.

Our certificates are acceptable here and beyond Nigeria.

The college is always opening up opportunities for our students to explore the world and create a brand name for themselves on the global fashion stage.

Before you take a look at the courses and choose your preferences, know that you can take as many classes as you want. From short courses to the certificate courses.

The fashion industry has a lot in store for you if you are ready. Its beyond sewing and cutting, this is why our Entrepreneurship Development Classes are top notch and certified by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

You have a lot to gain if you join us and we look forward to seeing you soon

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LEVEL 1 – Startup Level)

This course level is for those who have no prior knowledge of sewing.

It is also suitable for anyone who has been sewing before, but would love to refresh their ideas and grasp better knowledge of the basics.

We believe the basics is the essential of fashion business. If the foundation is right, building and developing on it will be easy as your fashion business grows.

Major basic foundation courses are taken at this stage and not repeated in other levels.

COURSE OUTCOME – what do you learn if you take this course?

By the End of this course, students are able to start their own first fashion collection.

They will be able to do the following

  • Basics of pattern drafting
  • Garment cutting and construction
  • Knowledge of starting the Business of Fashion

Registration form – 10,000

Tuition – 90,000 (3 months)

Tuition consideration available for students and corpers. Proof must be tendered to access students’ discounts.

(can be paid in 2 installments based on agreement , terms and conditions)

Course Overview

  • Introduction to sewing. (Unisex)
  • Basic stitching lessons (unisex)
  • Pattern drafting and adaptation
  • Female Bodice basics and styling or / Men’s Basic Bodice
  • Dressmaking & Blouses /Tops ( Men – Tops)
  • Developing Your first fashion collection
  • Fashion business – startup and development entreprenurial classes
  • Fashion illustration (optional)
  • Skirtmaking basics and advanced
  • Dressmaking basics and advanced
  • Bodice designs
  • Pleats adaption into skirt / tops/ dresses /
  • Men – Native trousers , joggers etc
  • And more……..

LEVEL 2 (unisex)

Those who had previous experience can start from this class as long as they can prove the knowledge of level 1 courses.

This class has 2 options. Male wears only or female wears only and the unisex options.

level 1 courses will not be repeated at this level.

Duration – 3 months

Registration form – 10,000 (only for those entering at this stage. Continuing students do not need new forms)

Tuition – 120000 (3 months) . Unisex 150,000 (4 months )

fees Can be paid in installments based on agreement, terms and conditions.


  • Advanced Casual wear collections design.
  • Advanced patternmaking, pattern grading and adaptation.
  • Shirtmaking
  • Trousersmaking variations ( male and female)
  • Jacketmaking
  • Waistcoat (Male)
  • Men’s native outfits
  • Women’s native outfits
  • Entrepreneurial Classes
  • And more………


The Advanced class is for continuing students or refresher students ( those who are already sewing but would want to upgrade their fashion design skills)

If you are starting with us at this stage as a first timer in the college, we will do a pretest to know if you are qualified to cope with the class. None of the topics in other levels will be repeated here.

Tuition 150,000

New students will obtain the registration form 10,000.

Tuition can be paid in installments (to be determined by the College Admin.


  • Advanced Patternmaking classes
  • Male / Female Formal and Party Outfits design
  • Bridal Wears Design (Wedding dresses / Robes and more
  • Corsetry
  • Male or Female Kidswear design ( for parties, weddings and pageants)
  • Traditional Grooms wear designs (Male)
  • Fashion Business and Entrepreneurial Classes
  • Portfolio creation
  • Fashion collection photoshoot
  • And more…..
  • Outstanding Students in this class have the opportunity of showcasing one of their designs on an international runway with the Principal Instructor (terms and conditions apply)


This class is for you if –

* You desire to learn at your pace.
* You are currently working, and you need a side skill.
* You have always been dreaming of having a fashion business.
* You want to learn sewing just for the knowledge of it.
*You have a fashion business, and you would want to upgrade your skills.

The Online Class comes in 2 options.
1. Fixed Class – this class comes in monthly stages. You will select from a list of topics and focus on it each month.

Each class is detailed and fully packaged for maximum results.
There are weekly assignments before you access the next class and also to monitor your progress.
Fee – Monthly
Naira – 25000. USD – $50. GBP £50. CAD 50.

2. Flexible Class.
This class has all in the fixed class plus
*Weekly fashion business classes on how to start and grow your fashion business. With worksheets and other educational resources .

* You will learn at your pace and you can choose what to focus on, to streamline your skills perfectly.
Fee – monthly

$100, £100, CAD 130 (paying in naira? Send a message for the naira equivalent)


Call the college Admin on 0808 106 7070 (234)

WhatsApp 0902 426 7637 (234)

Instagram- ibcityfashioncollege

Instagram of the Principal Instructor- dgvstyles

Our records of training over 3000 students in our physical fashion and Entrepreneurship classes stands as a surety for you.

Choosing us gives you an international leverage and global opportunities to be all you can be.

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Ibadancity Fashion College is the leading fashion college in Oyo State Nigeria for over a decade. Search no more, join our community today.


We have mass training capacity to partner with Government, Philanthropists, Organisations and Corporate Bodies, NGOs, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions in training and empowerment programs. Send an email to us to know more – ibcityfashioncollege@gmail.com

IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE is located in ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.

Ring road ibadan, behind IBEDC office capital building ring road follow the road beside Foodco ring road, first turn right, next turn left.


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