ADERONKE OLUBANJO – the Principal Instructor and CEO of Ibadancity Fashion College & DGVSTYLES

ADERONKE OLUBANJO is the brain behind the fashion house named DGVSTYLES and the Fashion College.

Ibadancity Fashion College is the leading fashion college in Oyo state. started off in 2010 as DGV Fashion Academy. The college has trained hundreds of fashion entrepreneurs across the states and beyond the country. Accredited by the state and federal government, the college specializes in youth empowerment programmes, vocational education and entrepreneurship development programmes.

DGVSTYLES is a unisex fashion house managed by the CEO of Ibadancity fashion college, with a ready to wear range named rtw by dgvstyles.

our offers

unisex fashion college

IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE is a unisex fashion house. we train students across all ages. our classes ranges from startup to advanced and masterclasses. our testimonials speak for us. hundreds of CEOs have been raised through this college.

finishing classes

we have special classes for existing fashion designers who would want to perfect some areas of their sewing or fashion business. This classes are arranged as general classes or one on one classes for interested applicants.

entrepreneurship development classes

as a CBN Accredited EDI – Entrepreneurship Development Institute. we train startup and existing business owners on business growth, development and expansion to meet the unique demands of their business environment. Participants of this class are eligible to participate in the CBN/NIRSAL AGSMEIS – Agri Business Small Medium enterprise Investment Scheme funding. this funding avails them to access funds up to 10 million naira, with a single digit interest rate and a maximum loan tenor of 7 years.

do you want to start your own fashion school?

having been in the industry over the years has given me a strong feet to guide others through the technicality of running a fashion school, staying in the market consistently, managing individual differences among students. If you are having difficulties navigating this area, or you are planning a fashion college and need some mentoring? this class is for you. Personally handled by the principal instructor herself all alone on on on one basis.

other info


2000 – date

unisex fashion line – bespoke tailoring and consultancy services

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whatsapp +2349024267637

rtw by dgvstyles

2012 – date

affordable ready to wear line – targeted at producing affordable ready to wear garments for individuals and retailers who would want to start their own fashion label without owning a fashion house. for more details, contact us

what else do i do?

2010 – Present

i speak, teach, mentor, train and empower people anywhere i get the chance to. Its my dream to see men and women live their life and maximize their potentials. I am an advocate for Youth Empowerment, i long to see a Nigeria where the leaders are open to entrepreneurship development as a key to economic development, and thus invest in the community to make this build the nation as a whole.

raising Entrepreneurs. Raising Leaders

I Am Aderonke

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