The topic sounds a tiny lil‘ bit somehow, right? Yeah. I thought same too, but read on and decide at the end which path is cool by you. We hear a lot of ‘forgive and forget’, and don’t remind me of how the church and ‘Spirikoko’ people always say this almost when the topic ofContinue reading “FORGIVE BUT REMEMBER”

These mistakes can Kill Your Startup Business Moves.

Let’s get to some real issues today. I recall years back when I planned starting my business, the initial fear how to avoid pitfalls that can discourage me as a starter. Let’s not deceive ourselves, everyone has that same fear. What I know is, if you have a way to avoid these problems, you areContinue reading “These mistakes can Kill Your Startup Business Moves.”

Refund or I drag you…

If you’ve not been in this shoes, and you own a business in naija I must say – Una Wehdone o. I wish I could say may it never happen to you. But, knowing fully well that success stories comes with a lot of sides we don’t want to share with the public. I willContinue reading “Refund or I drag you…”


Life is beautiful, Good people are all around us, Goals are not so difficult to achieve. But why is it that some of us see the negatives more sometimes. If you choose to see the beautiful sides of life, it becomes your reality. If you choose otherwise, you know the result already. These tips areContinue reading “TIPS THAT HELPED ME BECOME ME (part 1)”