I recall those days when we were growing up. Only the dropouts learnt skills, either tailoring, hairdressing, mechanics etc…… and we all saw it as what was only fit for those that couldn’t ‘study’….. well for our mediocre minds tho…
Nowadays its totally the other way round….. what happened? you ask? I ask too….
Self Discovery happened….. Self Value happened….. many things happened.
I think it started with ‘No Vacancy’.   Then everyone started thinking of ways out, which begins with looking within…
And then, they started getting ways outside the Box…


Now we have graduates with skills ruling the business world. Just like me, a Mass Communication graduate. (Well I’m still trying to go back to that job someday soon, but in a different way. )
It tells me, where you see a dead end, there are more roads near it. Now the face of those jobs are changing and getting better with better minds taking charge.
One of the reasons why I don’t take unemployment as an excuse….. if you dont get a job, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working while awaiting that job….. another story for another day..)


I’ll still opt for a skilled graduate who’d been waiting for Job Call-up for a while, to same candidate in same condition who’d been at home idly waiting for the same call.
Skill is a plus to CV anyday anytime. Gone are the days when skill was for dropouts, it’s another ball game entirely now. Get one! It pays.
BBM 7E3F8636 BB Channel C0042E074


DGV Fashion Academy
Ibadan. Oyo State, Nigeria.

#SkillAcquisition #LearnFashion #LearnASkill


15 thoughts on “Learn….Learn…Learn.

  1. Hi, I did like to enrol. Please when is the next class starting and what is the cost implication?

  2. Good day
    I would like to enroll for weekend classes on male fashion. I would like to know the cost and when d next class start. Thanks

  3. Hi good evening. I’ll like to enrol for the fashion designing class. Please how much is it and what is the duration?
    What’s the address of your school?

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