As a Young Entrepreneur, How do I break even FINANCIALLY?….

First of all. You are not alone on this chair, or table so to say. It is a concern most of us face, even the “so called” ‘established ‘ business owners- from your own point of view. You assess them as established, but they believe they are equally on a road to somewhere. When people […]


You’ve often heard the phrase ” he / she looks put together “. It’s comes up when you see someone looking all “set”. Nothing missing , nothing broken so to say kinda look. A look that matches the time it’s being used. In case you don’t know , there are many ways you can look […]

How To Dress To Look Slimmer In Your Outfits? …….

Some of us envy the hourglass ladies who have all the shape going good. But, as a matter of fact nothing stops anyone from “slaying”. Of course, with your self confidence intact, you’re always good to go. Being in the shoes of what to wear to bring the shape out, and having the task of […]


The 5 senses commonly known as – Sense of Sight; Touch; Sound; Smell and Taste. Are not just there for the Biology classes alone. They have roles to play in many aspects of our daily lives as we all know.  But in the fashion industry, how do they come into action?    Every design has […]

Discovering the Roots : Fashion meets Culture- Ibadancity Fashion College 

The root of fashion can be found in the depths of our culture. Likewise, if you want to know more about our culture, search the fashion history. The 2 factors are intertwined and interwoven.  On Friday 8th September, the Sterling Class Fashion Students set out on an interesting journey of knowing more about the relationship […]

You Really Want To Stay In The Fashion Biz….

Choosing to study fashion used to be a second opinion back in the days in Nigeria . When some go to high school and colleges, those who couldn’t go due to different reasons opt to acquire different skills. The rating of those acquiring skills then was not as high as what we are seeing now. […]

Fashion – economy builder? (Outside the Fashion Box)

Raising entrepreneurs is our watchword and we solidly stand by this.  The pride of every nation is in youth development, they represent the nation as a whole and they spread the news faster. What is given to them is what they deliver and spread.  We still look forward to seeing the nation doing more of […]

Get Set…..Go…

Happy New year everyone. Thankful for last year and all it had to offer. Here is 2017. With all it has to offer. It looks like a year loaded for those who will wake early to stroke the iron while hot.  We’re back and the race kicked off from Day one. This week came full […]