The 5 senses commonly known as – Sense of Sight; Touch; Sound; Smell and Taste. Are not just there for the Biology classes alone. They have roles to play in many aspects of our daily lives as we all know.  But in the fashion industry, how do they come into action?    Every design hasContinue reading “FASHION AND OUR 5 SENSES. “

Discovering the Roots : Fashion meets Culture- Ibadancity Fashion College 

The root of fashion can be found in the depths of our culture. Likewise, if you want to know more about our culture, search the fashion history. The 2 factors are intertwined and interwoven.  On Friday 8th September, the Sterling Class Fashion Students set out on an interesting journey of knowing more about the relationshipContinue reading “Discovering the Roots : Fashion meets Culture- Ibadancity Fashion College “

Changing The Face Of Fashion Education In Oyo State. Nigeria.

So far so great starting off as IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE is a whole new Experience and Yes we are loving it. Our Classes are restructured to suit and fit you. You no longer have to wait till you have the long 3/6/9/12 months to stay. We have classes for 4 weeks suitable for those whoContinue reading “Changing The Face Of Fashion Education In Oyo State. Nigeria.”

Foundations. …..

Every building has a foundation, the beginning of the rise….. The foundation is just as crucial and important as the building itself. If you lay the foundation of a bungalow ,and build a 2 storey building on it, such a person is obviously looking for a ‘Humpty Dumpty’ crash. The sad part is, you mayContinue reading “Foundations. …..”