You’re on this page because you are probably nursing the idea of starting a fashion business, or you have already started one and you are thinking of how to navigate this busy road with ease. These small tips will definitely be helpful, trust me. WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU WANT TO SELL? This is the firstContinue reading “STARTING YOUR FASHION BUSINESS IN A SMALL WAY”


The 5 senses commonly known as – Sense of Sight; Touch; Sound; Smell and Taste. Are not just there for the Biology classes alone. They have roles to play in many aspects of our daily lives as we all know.  But in the fashion industry, how do they come into action?    Every design hasContinue reading “FASHION AND OUR 5 SENSES. “

Get Set…..Go…

Happy New year everyone. Thankful for last year and all it had to offer. Here is 2017. With all it has to offer. It looks like a year loaded for those who will wake early to stroke the iron while hot.  We’re back and the race kicked off from Day one. This week came fullContinue reading “Get Set…..Go…”

Know A Little More About Bobbins

Yes, they are the little important part of your daily sewing activities. Some call it bobbins, some in this part of society call it Reeler; most importantly, you reel thread on it and it delivers the lower thread supply to your sewing project on the sewing machine.   As small as it is, it can causeContinue reading “Know A Little More About Bobbins”

PINTUCKS …- The Presser Foot That Makes The Magic Easier 

Few weeks ago we shared a post on our Instagram page (@dgvstyles) and Facebook (Dgvstyles) about this presser foot that does a little wonder. And makes the sewing task easier. We had lots of comments on the post and how to get it done, how it works, is it real? etc….  The simple answer wasContinue reading “PINTUCKS …- The Presser Foot That Makes The Magic Easier “

 Because it’s 2016? Let’s Get It Going……

Amazing how time flies and what seems so far away just happens like that at a finger snap and you wonder how did it happen so fast. Few weeks or days ago, we were all anticipating, and yes here we are. Thankful and hopeful…….  Now wait, don’t start hoping on 2016, this year poses seriousness,Continue reading ” Because it’s 2016? Let’s Get It Going……”


Being the first Fashion Technical College in Oyo State, puts IbadanCity Fashion College on the top. And all efforts are in place at every point in time to make this a reality. New courses are being added up from time to time. It’s a fresh feel with every batch. Patchwork Unusual – looks easy butContinue reading “Students Showcasing – IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE”


Through the years we have maintained the standard and we have kept updating and upgrading it, leaving no stone unturned in the best of our ability. Rebranding and Repackaging the Academy is to raise the bar and keep stepping it up to meet National and international standards.  The business of fashion is no longer aContinue reading “DGV Fashion Academy is Now IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE”

Ignite Your Passion

Where the heart lies. ….. In my years of experience as the Principal Instructor of DGV Fashion Academy, I’ve realised the easiest people to teach are those whose passion lies in the job. Many people come to learn, but many lose the zeal in a short while. Some after experiencing certain difficulties on the job,Continue reading “Ignite Your Passion”