Introducing New Courses 2016

IBADANCITY fashion college introduces new courses come  January 2016.  One of such is the art of ‘Fabric/Textile Production, Designs and Merchandising.     There is a lot more to achieve in the fashion industry especially in relation to our history, cultural backgrounds, arts and more. Everyone has a story to tell with each garment, especially whenContinue reading “Introducing New Courses 2016”


Being the first Fashion Technical College in Oyo State, puts IbadanCity Fashion College on the top. And all efforts are in place at every point in time to make this a reality. New courses are being added up from time to time. It’s a fresh feel with every batch. Patchwork Unusual – looks easy butContinue reading “Students Showcasing – IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE”


for everyone sewing, some tasks pose certain difficulties that can be easily avoided. Of course with aided knowledge. As much as you Learn, keep learning, it’s the only solution  that never runs out. Recently, taking our students through the lessons on presser feet made some see a new side to sewing projects.        SewingContinue reading “YOU AND YOUR PRESSER FEET”