Its common to spot fabrics, recognize the designs, but it is equally important to know the names. Especially these days of social media posts, knowing what you do well helps you post like a Pro. Today we will be discussing Check fabrics, and their names. 1. WINDOWPANE CHECK. The patterns look like the panes in.Continue reading “KNOW YOUR FABRICS. TYPES OF CHECKS”

How To Create Style That Works For Your Body Type

You are YOU. Client A is Client A. This should click and settle in first. Because one of the major problems we have with ourselves, or styling our clients is assuming A can wear what B is wearing, when they both have different body types. What works for you, won’t work for me. We areContinue reading “How To Create Style That Works For Your Body Type”

Fashion – economy builder? (Outside the Fashion Box)

Raising entrepreneurs is our watchword and we solidly stand by this.  The pride of every nation is in youth development, they represent the nation as a whole and they spread the news faster. What is given to them is what they deliver and spread.  We still look forward to seeing the nation doing more ofContinue reading “Fashion – economy builder? (Outside the Fashion Box)”