Your customers are the currents driving the business. Without them, nothing is happening. This is why you should take them as important as you take the business itself. Having them seems easier than maintaining them, in my years of experience. They come with their differences, thus, you need to find a way around handling theirContinue reading “HOW TO GAIN AND RETAIN CUSTOMERS”

DEAR SMB – (SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS) How Are You Planning For The New Decade

Everyone is up on their list for the new year, how to make more sales, develop their businesses better, have overall growth. But, we all know it doesn’t happen easily as envisaged, especially when the surrounding circumstances are not in your power to control. As a small business owner, you get yo face lots ofContinue reading “DEAR SMB – (SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS) How Are You Planning For The New Decade”

Steps To Becoming A Fashion Designer.

Fashion designing is getting really competitive these days. A close and critical look at the industry is enough to tell you. Look around you, check your friends list, there is someone involved in the fashion business somehow around you. And you still want to get involved. Well, why not?, the sky is wide enough. TheContinue reading “Steps To Becoming A Fashion Designer.”


Been a while here. We were making some changes and yes we will give the details in full soon. Our topic today is aimed at helping individuals who started off with a passion for sewing and on the way decided to make it a business. As a matter of fact, many entrepreneurs started off thisContinue reading “CONVERTING THE PASSION FOR SEWING INTO BUSINESS.”

Discovering the Roots : Fashion meets Culture- Ibadancity Fashion CollegeĀ 

The root of fashion can be found in the depths of our culture. Likewise, if you want to know more about our culture, search the fashion history. The 2 factors are intertwined and interwoven.  On Friday 8th September, the Sterling Class Fashion Students set out on an interesting journey of knowing more about the relationshipContinue reading “Discovering the Roots : Fashion meets Culture- Ibadancity Fashion CollegeĀ “

Get Set…..Go…

Happy New year everyone. Thankful for last year and all it had to offer. Here is 2017. With all it has to offer. It looks like a year loaded for those who will wake early to stroke the iron while hot.  We’re back and the race kicked off from Day one. This week came fullContinue reading “Get Set…..Go…”


Being the first Fashion Technical College in Oyo State, puts IbadanCity Fashion College on the top. And all efforts are in place at every point in time to make this a reality. New courses are being added up from time to time. It’s a fresh feel with every batch. Patchwork Unusual – looks easy butContinue reading “Students Showcasing – IBADANCITY FASHION COLLEGE”