When you start a business, the main goal is to grow it to some level you have dreamt of or according to your business plan. Now, growing this business is easier to imagine than achieved especially as a small business owner. Different situations and circumstances will give you hiccups on the path to growing theContinue reading “4 TIPS TO GROW YOUR FASHION BUSINESS”



Life is beautiful, Good people are all around us, Goals are not so difficult to achieve. But why is it that some of us see the negatives more sometimes. If you choose to see the beautiful sides of life, it becomes your reality. If you choose otherwise, you know the result already. These tips areContinue reading “TIPS THAT HELPED ME BECOME ME (part 1)”

As a Young Entrepreneur, How do I break even FINANCIALLY?….

First of all. You are not alone on this chair, or table so to say. It is a concern most of us face, even the “so called” ‘established ‘ business owners- from your own point of view. You assess them as established, but they believe they are equally on a road to somewhere. When peopleContinue reading “As a Young Entrepreneur, How do I break even FINANCIALLY?….”

A New Opportunity just For You

What are you doing with what God gave you? You have all that the greatest of men has. One head, 2 eyes, one mouth, 2 hands. We are all gifted. Some may have talents more than others, but no one was born empty. That someone is more talented does not mean they are going toContinue reading “A New Opportunity just For You”