How To Make Your Productivity Increase Always 

Either as a business owner, or employee, or employer. Even as a student, or stay-at-home worker, whatever category you fall into. The need for a rise in our productivity and efficiency is a normal pull on our daily routine.  Most times each day we seek to make more of the next day, and sometimes theContinue reading “How To Make Your Productivity Increase Always “

Time To Speak….time to be mute…

Ok…. I just feel like writing, but no idea of what exactly to write, but as I type it will definitely flow I know…….or I hope….. Okay, here comes my daughter,  very inquisitive, likes pulling everyone’s reins and well most times, deliberately.  God knows why; maybe for attention or to make a point only knownContinue reading “Time To Speak….time to be mute…”