I Think I Love Designing Clothes…

You think you love designing clothes? Yes YOU!

Passion doesn’t really leave us no matter how hard we try to suppress it. As long as it is genuine passion, it keeps popping out staring you wide eyed every moment. Especially when some tiny streaks of frustration sets in. Buzzing you with thoughts like,- “why am I doing this job, I could have followed my passion all along “, “am I really fulfilled?”, “I think I am made for more…”, “I just feel empty like something is missing, I need to discover more” ……

Thoughts like these are pointers to the truths you try to hide. No matter how hard you put up a sweet face, unfulfilled dreams can’t hide for long.

If the header struck you. Then, something has been calling you into the Fashion line. Heed and watch yourself evolve into something beautiful and great.

As a child, many of us fell in love with fashion, clothes and magazines are intriguing to us, you had the dream of communicating through the art of Fashion. You need to know that, the potential to excel is already inborn. And makes you better than those opting for it out of no-choice.

To pursue this dream, you may just start where you are while you prepare for the bigger picture. Don’t wait for the perfect time. It may never come. Grab all the suitable time you are opportune to get and Maximize it.

Build your interest. Explore and discover the many opportunities in birthed in you, untapped. And the many opportunities in the industry. Exploiting this areas is to help you build and have an edge quickly.

Remember you are doing what others are doing. The way you build and work on your craft is what makes you different.

So, work on your steps as you move towards working to get your dreams materialize. Get a good fashion class. And learn learn learn.

Ibadancity Fashion College. Offers all Fashion related courses. In full and part time.

Located at ring Road Ibadan. Behind IBEDC office ring road (Capital Building).

Follow the tarred road directly opposite chicken republic ring road.


Instagram @ibcityfashioncollege

Facebook page – Ibadancity Fashion College.




feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.

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