FASHION SCHOOL in IBADAN… Tailoring And Entrepreneurial Classes

Since Inception, DGV FASHION ACADEMY had been on top of their game. Unrelentingly advancing, Getting better just like fine wine. This Fashion School started of in 2010, when there was nothing much of a Standard Fashion School around the city. DGV started and took over the scene with the vision of empowering Youths and imparting them with the knowledge and advantages of Skill Acquisition.
    In the Nigeria of today, the power of Skill Acquisition can not be pushed under the carpet. The current rate of unemployment still on the rise, coupled with the rising trend of Job Insecurity. Education cannot be pushed aside neither; it has its place which will always remain rated high. Now, can Education solve it all? NO! Not with what the Nigerian economy is saying presently. Having a plan to backup is one of the best Savings Scheme anyone can hold on to in the Nigeria of today.
The Federal government preaches it, the schools shout it out to everyone. Whether it comes useful immediately or later. Skill Acquisition remains a Plus to the CV.


Since Inception, DGV FASHION ACADEMY has had majority of the students, being graduates, some even more than one degree. DGV has trained professional workers too who know the value of adding a skill to their pack. Gone are the days when Skill Acquisition was for the uneducated, it is for those who choose to be on the ladder of #Entrepreneurship.
This is one of the reasons why DGV FASHION ACADEMY offers more than practical tailoring skills. Weekly Entrepreneurial lectures aim at equipping the students with the needed skills it takes to run a Fashion Label, Being a standard entrepreneur, Business Management, Customer services and relations and many more.


Fashion School With a difference. ……
    Recently, DGV FASHION ACADEMY stepped it’s game up. Having been approved and certified both by state and Federal boards, this makes the students not just skilled, but certified to work within and outside the country with their certification. Also for those who wish to continue their training outside the country, it serves as a solid prerequisite.
A Salutary achievement. …


Come March this year, DGV kicks off with the Technical examinations, as a Technical College. Way Up for the present, past and future students of DGV. So if you’re thinking of bagging some skills in the Fashion line the right way, think DGV.


Remember, Education is important, and skill is a good backup plan too.
DGV FASHION and Crafts ACADEMY has classes to suit your timing and schedules no matter how tight and busy you are.


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feeds and tips from my desk as a fashion teacher, the principal instructor of the leading fashion school in ibadan, oyo state nigeria. i am fully commited to raising entrepreneurs and leaders through vocational education, skill acquisition and entreprenurial studies.

12 thoughts on “FASHION SCHOOL in IBADAN… Tailoring And Entrepreneurial Classes

    1. It depends on the course (s) you would like to combine. If it’s the startup level, fees are from 50-90,000. Anytime you’re chanced to stop by, kindly do. Thanks.

    1. Fees vary, depending on the course combination you would want to opt for. Kindly find time to visit the college so you can be given full details. Thanks and God bless.

  1. Please is there vacancy for new students? I just relocated to Ibadan and will like to acquire a new skill. Kindly let me know when I can apply. How much will it cost me to start from scratch because I can’t sew at all

    1. You can apply next week and start with the September class. Fees from 85000. Depending on your course combination and duration. If you are chanced, kindly stop by next week for more details.

    1. Depending on the 6 months course combination. Tuition could be from 150,000 to 250,000. Anytime you’re available, please stop by for the detailed information. Thank you.

  2. hello ,pls I just relocated to Ibadan and I want to know about fashion , sewing etc how much for six months training and is there accommodation.

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